Chirpn an Adobe Enterprise Solution Partner – Community


Chirpn is a trusted consultant for enterprise content management solutions with Adobe Marketing Cloud. Chirpn’s content management solutions cover the whole content management and marketing suite from Adobe, including:

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Social
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Media Optimizer

With strong experience in the industry and a team of certified professionals, Chirpn is in an excellent position to offer custom content management solutions and trainings with Adobe software suite.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a web content management system that allows authors to create, edit and manage web pages or sites in many languages for different brands and multiple regions.

AEM allows tight integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud (or third party marketing tools) to enhance user experience and to reach target audience better.

Content and assets are securely stored in a centralised location for quick development. Integrated mobile platform helps users develop, deliver and update mobile apps quickly. Helps in creating, managing, and delivering assets across different channels.

Adobe Campaign Manager

Enables monitoring and management of marketing campaigns from a centralised location. Increases reach among prospective leads with personalised, real time e-mail messages.  Marketing automation ensures maximised campaign productivity.

Adobe Media Optimizer

Forecasting models help predict performance for mobile, search, and product listing ad campaigns. Management and optimisation of Facebook ad campaigns ensure maximum ROI. Use of engagement metrics help in boosting ad campaign results.

Adobe Analytics

Consolidation of marketing data for actionable insights regarding customer experience, ad spend and content monetization. User-friendly dashboards and report generation for more efficient marketing campaigns. Combination of Analytics and 3600 views of customer engagement data for better campaign ROI.

Adobe Social

Complete social media monitoring, publishing and management activities from one mobile-friendly interface. Identification of social content with high rates of engagement and conversion via tracking codes. Comprehensive social insights through Adobe Marketing Cloud integration, for optimised targeting and customer experience.

Adobe Target

A/B and multivariate testing for optimised targeting among desired customer segments. ROI calculator for optimisation of strategy and boosting of campaign returns. Complete web optimisation with Target Self-Assessment Tool.

Why Chirpn?

  • Extensive experience in enterprise content management
  • Certified team of Adobe experts
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Global presence (US, Australia & India)